English Courses in London(12 weeks +)

We believe we are amongst the most cost effective accredited courses available in London and invite you to come and study with us.

A long course at WLA provides you with the opportunity to make a significant improvement to your English regardless of your starting level. It also enables you to experience “life as a Londoner” and become familiar with one of the world's major international cities.

A long English course leading to a University of Cambridge Exam will strengthen your CV/Resume and many employers will be impressed by a potential employee who has successfully studied abroad and can communicate effectively in the world’s leading international language.

Examinations Details and Results Achieved
Cambridge FCE 3 students sat the Cambridge First Certificate Examination
  Grade A (one student). Grade B (one student).
  Achieved CEFR Level B1  (one student)
IELTS 11 Students took the IELTS Examination
  7.0 (two students)
  6.5 (three students) 6.0 (one student)
  5.5 (two students) and 5.0 (two students)
  4.5 (one student)

Tais Gabriel Alves...But it was its teaching method what most helped me to deal with a completely new lifestyle! My classes at WLA were interesting and dynamic in a small and friendly classroom. Writing, reading and spoken English were taught with the same importance to improve the learning.

Taís Gabriel Alves, Brazil

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