Student Accommodation in London

Wimbledon Language Academy can provide you with living accommodation. The accommodation is with host families living in the nearby area (all families have been checked to ensure that they are suitable and the accommodation follows the guidelines set by the British Council).

As London is a very cosmopolitan city our host families come from many different countries and backgrounds, and we believe it is a big part of the overall learning English abroad experience. In the homestay you are expected to speak English and respect the family/house rules. You will usually share the kitchen and the bathroom with your family.

We always try to match your needs with the families. However, it is important to book as early as possible and tell us about your requirements (regarding your diet, allergies, smoking, children and pets). For more independent students we suggest a student house or a flat share option. The student house is very popular among our students and has very limited availability.

Independent Accommodation

If you would like to find independent accommodation there are a few ways to do so. The following website is a very useful place to look: Accommodation agencies around town can also be helpful. There is normally a charge but only when you actually rent a property provided by them See UK Property Shop for London rental (letting) agents.

We also co-operate with an accommodation agency and we can provide you with the contact details if needed. This is a highly recommended option for any students with precise requirements as it is a specialist accommodation agency. This option may involve making a direct payment to the agency.


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